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October 24 2017


hi my name is “any MMO with a million character customisation options” and you can choose from 17 slightly different wavy ponytails but for black hairstyles you have a choice between the world’s shittiest rendered dreadlocks and Comically Giant Afro

also this is our body type slider



BBC Sherlock is the best adaption of Sherlock Holmes because it succeeded in making me despise the character of Sherlock Holmes for the rest of my life (and eternity) and made me never want to touch the stories ever again and that’s what Arthur Conan Doyle would have truly wanted.

I stg at this very moment Arthur Conan Doyle’s ghost is probably floating in front of Steven Moffat’s bed violently sobbing in gratitude and mumbling things like ‘you did it. You finally did it. They all hate Sherlock Holmes. Thank you’

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Omae wa mo Michelindeiru



i dont care about horsepower ok i wanna know the conversion rates for other animals. how many snakes would it take to move your car


October 23 2017

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someone make the outside of the car minecraft

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Although I haven’t finished her Khan’s sprite yet, I figure it’s as good a time as any to post Milena’s sprite. Milena is the champion of the Western Khan of @felostheir ‘s Regna Ferox, a silent warrior who won’t speak of her past. She’s buff, broken and probably freezing her tits off. How does her chest stay in her clothes? Who says it does? Hooray impractical JRPG-armor.

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A dab’ll do ya!

Actual footage of markiplier defending us from LA gangs

Markiplier, locked in a gladitorial arena, makes one last attempt to intimidate his enemy

Why didn’t any of you warn him about the roman empire???

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i was watching spongebob and fucking king neptune was doing some jojo poses

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i’m sorry but ya ain’t human if you beat off to porn ads

Cause you transcended humanity

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[white person voice] african american panther

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Dieser Masterpost wird immer wieder überarbeitet. Wer Vorschläge hat schreibt uns bitte einen Ask! :)

Alle Infos sind auf Deutsch und auf den deutschsprachigem Raum bezogen, es sei denn es steht neben vereinzelten Links das dies nicht der Fall ist.

Masterpost für Trans(jugend)gruppen in Deutschland - NBTG

Medizinisches, Indikationsschreiben, Gutachter, Psychologen

Namensänderung und Rechtliche Geschlechtsanerkennung

In Diskriminierungsfällen


Vereine und Ansprechpartner


Wo kann ich Zubehör/Kleidung kriegen? (Kleidung, Binder/Brustabbinder, Packer usw.)

Binder/Brustabbinder! (Kann ich meinen unbequemen Binder umnähen? Wie kann ich mit meiner Brust auch ohne Binder umgehen? usw)

Infos zum Thema “Packer”

Generelle Tipps für Transmänner (FzM) und Transmaskuline

Generelle Tipps für Transfrauen (MzF) und Transfeminine

Definitionen und Terminologie

Rat zum Thema Coming Out und Identitätssuche

  • Persönliche Erfahrungen von Followern und Beratung von den Moderatoren (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17) - NBTG

Wie kann ich Transgeschlechtigkeit erklären? (auch für nicht binäre Identitäten)

Geschlechtsneutrale Sprache und Pronomen auf Deutsch

YouTube-Kanale, Filme usw.


Jetzt mit neuen Infos zur rechtlichen Situation in geschlechtsgetrennten Räumen (Umkleiden, Toiletten usw.) und zum schreiben eines Translebenslaufes.

Liebe Follower,

Hier findet ihr generelle Infos zu gaaanz vielen Themen!

- Jai





tbh one of the best tropes is “character with a mask drinks something and it spills off their mask but they know damn well what they’re doing and just refuse to take off their mask”

i’d like to contribute: masked character tries to drink something and it spills off their mask because they did in fact forget they were wearing one, but they just keep going through the motion of drinking in a poor attempt to turn a fuckup into a power move and mama didn’t raise no quitter

Character known for wearing a mask is given drink, next time they are seen the drink is gone. No explanation.

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there’s a thread on wizardchan about famous historical ‘wizards’ (life-long male virgins) and a few people have mentioned catholic saints that were priests and like

notable “wizards”

1. Nikola Tesla

2. Jesus (debatable)

3. Gandhi

4. Nietzsche

5. Beethoven

And i guess incels are trying to group themselves with guys who could have definitely scored but didn’t

Something that’s interesting about Nietzsches (possible but not certain) virginity is that he’s generally believed to have died of tertiary syphilis and one popular theory explaining that is that he may have contracted it during his service as a medic in the Prussian army where he would’ve been in surgery tents close to open wounds and bodily fluids of soldiers who generally had a higher than average rate of STDs which would mean Nietzsche would have the interesting distinction of being a virgin that died of syphilis

Shit that’d make me pessimist and nihilist too

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On the Pottermore website, J.K. Rowling explains how wizards poop. There’s an excerpt about the Chamber of Secrets that says wizards didn’t need toilets because they ‘simply relieved themselves where they stood, and vanished the evidence.’ Source Source 2

i fucking hate jk rowling so much because years and years after this franchise has ended she is still continuing trying to make it bad to the point where she said that every character in harry potter canonically shits themselves and then casts a shit vanishing spell 

fuck this is b a d

This reminds me of the hufflepuff group masturbation tweets

The what?

Just imagine you’re taking a test for potions with Snape and the guy sitting next to you just fucking shits himself the nastiest, slimiest shit of his life out of stress. And you literally have to sit there with a straight face while fuckin Todd JingleJangles cleans himself up in the dead quiet room with some stupid ass line like “vanish me poopum” and you just gotta live with the knowledge that some kid just shit himself beside you during a fucking test.

Listen I work in an office with a honeycomb setup, which means I share a desk with THREE OTHER PEOPLE, and I thought I was so slick reading tumblr all secrety and I had to PUT MY HEAD DOWN so as not to fucking explode into laughter because of vanish me poopum I have TEARS in my eyes and I had to hide this from THE WHOLE VICINITY because I CANNOT explain that

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you are the LAST person on earth who needs a megaphone asshole



If you read old accounts of “demon possession” in children it’s always really fucking sad because it’s all recognizably normal child behavior like “they drew scary pictures” or “they snarled at their little siblings” or “they pretended they were animals” and sometimes it’s just straight-up “they got bored in church and didn’t listen when ordered around”

Actually, wait, did I say “old accounts?” When *I* was a kid my mom’s friend’s family had their five year old girl exorcised for hours because she screamed and acted up a lot. Somehow they concluded “demons” rather than the fact that her dad was an alcoholic who beat them all up before he was imprisoned.

When I was 11 and willing to give christianity a chance, I went to the local village church with a friend. Now, I don’t know if this is common for orthodox churches or it was a particularity of this one, but you were not allowed to have any food before going there. The church was located in an hour’s walk from my great-grandma’s house where I was staying, and for the service, they had us standing up for many hours.

Combined with head trauma that I withstood not a long time prior to this, these conditions affected me in a very predictable way: I passed out where I stood.

I woke up to having “demons being chased out of me” because I got anemic.

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i’ve got so many questions

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