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July 17 2017

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hey quick question when can we have normal fucking headlines back

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when somebody makes art for you

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me, a popular tumblr.com blogger: gee, i sure do love earning extra money from home so quickly and easily. 

some random sideblog with 3 posts: wow, popular tumblr.com blogger! how do you do it? please share your unique idea for earning money from home so quickly and easily!

me, a popular tumblr.com blogger: thanks for asking, some random sideblog with 3 posts! i simply use a free survey website called gofuckyourself.com/wasteoftime ! it’s a super easy and fun way to earn approximately 19 cents after hours and hours of free trials and getting denied for surveys! and the best part is, me, a popular tumblr.com blogger, gets paid every time one of my 900,000+ followers clicks this dumbass fucking link. i sure do love looking out for each and every one of you, without using you for my own personal gain!

use promo code “i mass queue every post on my blog and haven’t logged on in 3 months” to get an entry into a drawing for a $2.50 gift card to walmart!

Buck’s adoptables extravaganza (LONG POST)


Well, as it says, here are all the characters  that are up for adoption, this is mainly first come first serve but some character have some requirements for adopting. Anyway, take a look.   Send me a PM if interested. Payment is through paypal. 

Why am I doing this and mainly with the MGE oc’s mainly: Over the course of the time i have contributed with my own drawings and characters to the community I have always gotten mixed reviews. From people who like my work if not love it; to people who like my art but mainly dislike me in who/how I am and what i like, and how I do not like to make excessively pure girls, to the point they just dislike anything I draw and me altogether. 

This is something I have been thinking for a while so after weeks of planning and talking it out, I am no longer going to contribute to the community with my own thoughts and oc art. I will only do commissioned art work. But i do not wish to hold anything so i’ll be selling most of my monster girls oc’s to better and more loving owners. I had fun, MGE is very nice in their designs. I’m not gonna say it pains me but it feels a bit bad since i did my best; I will still do my best.

Monster Girls 

  • Meirong

SPECIES: Ren Xiongmao ||  PHOTO: X  || price: $20

SPECIES: Manticore || PHOTO:  X  / X || price: $25

SPECIES: Chie - Shiro Hebi || PHOTO: X  || price: $20


SPECIES: lamia || PHOTO: X  || Price: $20

SPECIES: Gazer || PHOTO: X || Price: $15

SPECIES: Ushi oni - Golden kind || PHOTO: X || Price: $30

SPECIES: Lava golem || PHOTO: X  || Price: $30

SPECIES: Shoggoth || PHOTO:  X  || Price: $25

SPECIES: Wight || PHOTO: X  || Price: $25

SPECIES: Karakasa-Obake || PHOTO: X  || Price: $30

  • Lee & Leah

SPECIES: liliraune || PHOTO: X  || Price: $30

SPECIES: Zombie Dragon || PHOTO: X X|| Price: $15

SPECIES: Manticore || PHOTO: X  || Price: $30

SPECIES: Sahuagin || PHOTO: X || Price: $15 

  • Death Supreme 

SPECIES: Fusion of a jiang shi, Zombie dragon and wight || PHOTO: X || Price: $40

NON- MGE but still for sale 

  • Mothest (there are conditions for this one) - SOLD TO @ mikonopants

SPECIES: Moth || PHOTO: X X || Price  $30

  • Death head hawk moth  

SPECIES: Moth || PHOTO: X || Price  $20

SPECIES: Male Unagi-Joro || PHOTO: X  || Price: $20


Mermaid-ish succubi || PHOTO: X || Price: $30

thanks for your time!

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b just wear the seatbelt


I gotta naysay here. Seatbelts do a LOT of harm. Not everyone can wear one  and not everyone wants to risk it. Just among my own friends and people I know in general; 4 females had a breast cut completely or partially off due to a seat belt. 6 people had their throats cut, to an obviously non-lethal degree. 2 had their stomach’s cut open to a horrifying degree that I won’t elaborate on.

Not even counting the uncomfortably awkward belt locations for particularly large, small, fat, skinny people. Females with large breasts get the joy of holding the belt in place or adjusting it every couple seconds.

They’re awkward, uncomfortable, painful, and can often cause the injuries in an accident. Sometimes it’s just better to forgo the belt.

Those injuries caused by seat belts more than very likely would have been deadly had they not been wearing them. To have enough force to cut skin or cut off a breast in an accident is far more than enough to cause someone to go flying through the windshield of a car, to slam them into the steering column, or through a window resulting in deadly injuries or causing an even bigger accident for other drivers now that your body is in the road along with your crashed car. Are you really going to risk being a smear of ground meat on the pavement because your seat belt was a little uncomfortable or it might cut you? Then I got good news for you, there’s a wide variety of devices made specifically to make seat belts more comfortable and reduce that risk.

These make it so that your seat belt won’t cut your neck, a simple sleeve of padded fabric that velcros around it, meaning you can put it anywhere on the belt. 

This one does something similar, by readjusting the positioning of the seat belt to move it farther away from your neck and hey, helps a bit with having boobs in the way.

They even make ones for children too.

Boobs still in the way? While it’s pretty silly looking, this helps keep the seat belt in place so you don’t have to keep adjusting it.

And if you’re overweight, they make seat belt extenders so you can still be safe. 

But maybe you’re still unsure, then listen to the CDC and all of their sources. 

“More than half of the people killed in car crashes were not restrained at the time of the crash.1 Wearing a seat belt is the most effective way to prevent death and serious injury in a crash.Seat belt use is on the rise. Laws, education, and technology have increased seat belt use from 11% in 19812 to nearly 85% in 20103, saving hundreds of thousands of lives. “

“Most drivers and passengers killed in crashes are unrestrained. 53% of drivers and passengers killed in car crashes in 2009 were not wearing restraints.1Seat belts dramatically reduce risk of death and serious injury. Among drivers and front-seat passengers, seat belts reduce the risk of death by 45%, and cut the risk of serious injury by 50%.4Seat belts prevent drivers and passengers from being ejected during a crash. People not wearing a seat belt are 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle during a crash. More than 3 out of 4 people who are ejected during a fatal crash die from their injuries.5Seat belts save thousands of lives each year, and increasing use would save thousands more. Seat belts saved almost 13,000 lives in 2009. If all drivers and passengers had worn seat belts that year, almost 4,000 more people would be alive today”

Or this one

“ The number of those who escaped injury [by wearing a seat belt] increased by 40% and those with mild and moderate injuries decreased by 35% after seatbelt legislation. There was a significant reduction in soft tissue injuries to the head. Only whiplash injuries to the neck showed a significant increase.”

Or this

“ Fifty-five percent of those killed in passenger vehicle occupant crashes in 2008 were not wearing a seat belt…”

“Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of fatal injury by almost 50%. For children, the risk of fatal injury is reduced by 71% with the use of child safety seats.“

“Of those thrown completely out of a vehicle in a car crash, 75% died. Only one percent of people totally ejected from their cars had on a seat belt during the crash. Over 30% were not wearing seat belts.“

Conclusion? Wear your fucking seat belt. Tell your kids to wear their fucking seat belt. Tell your friends and family to wear their fucking seat belts. Time and time again it’s been proven that you are significantly more likely to survive a crash if you’re wearing one. Most people think they’re uncomfortable, but when you’re in a crash it can save your life. I’d rather be mildly injured than dead.

Wear your seat belt.


Hey it was my birthday yesterday whomst wants to promo me

I’m a 21 year old trans girl and I like talking to people and having mutuals, my bio and about page have more info✌️

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this honestly just came out of left fucking field i would have never expected to hear anything like this in this show. consider me Pleasantly Surprised tbh

While this totally applies to other marginalized groups, I’d like to remind everyone House is specifically talking about an autistic child here.

Remember that.

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It is my perception that a true Bethesda Property never relies on another’s writing. A series with the potential to my be true Bethesda Property must be able to find its own brand recognition without established storytelling. And it should put its heart and soul into making me money. It would never hesitate to retcon for money, even against me. For me, a true Bethesda Property is one that stands equal to Skyrim in all respects.

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Ohne Worte.

Life imitates art.

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definitely not fake news

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