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May 22 2018

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Okaaay here’s my first self insert piece with Little Mac! (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡ The proportions got a little weird, and so did the anatomy, and of course I have to learn how to draw him correctly but I’ll have more practice during the summer! I’m just glad I did something.  

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GDPR and Online Commissions


Hey gang, I’m back to talk about a new law coming in in the EU and how it will effect both online artist and commissioners.

It’s called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and it effects everyone in the European Union. It comes into effect from the 25th May 2018.

GDPR is like a newer, stricter version of data protection. You can read all about it in detail over here. But I’d wager a lot of you don’t have the time or the inclination to read vast amounts of details regarding this so let me lay down some general info and tell you how this effects you.


In a nutshell, GDPR is a new set of rules on how data is stored and used in the EU, especially on a business front. If you’re an artist taking commissions, you have to be VERY explicit in the how the personal data you are collecting of your customers is stored and handled. Personal data can be anything from emails, names, addresses (if you ship out physical products) to photographs of people (imagine if someone send some photos as reference images, as an example).

For most of us, we’re not selling on huge amounts of data to advertising companies for an extra buck, but you now have to be EXTREMELY CLEAR about this.

So here’s what I suggest you do.



You cannot store info of someone under 16 without parental permission from the 25th May holy shit guys.

And this age fluctuates from country to country, please see a full list here:


What does this mean?

If someone approaches you for a commission and you are in the EU then you need to ascertain their age which means they gonna need to show you some ID. A scan of a passport or a driving license is probably going to be your best bet and people aren’t going to like this but it’s now the law and do you want to be slapped with fines and jail time?

Any information to be stored on needs to be explicitly stated in regards to its use - if you don’t have a TOS maybe now is the time to write one. 

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you’re probably not selling your customer’s details on but just a little note to say that you will probably be doing the following:

Collecting emails for sending invoices and commission files to, and you may be storing on email/paypal accounts. Make it clear that your customers’ details will not be sent to third parties or added to mailing lists.

This should pretty much cover you on the basics. Again, you’ll need to be transparent and up front about any personal data you’re collecting. Emails. Names. Ages. Addresses. Religious deets. Anything like that. Please be 100% crystal clear with your clients as to how you’re using it and how you’re storing it. Honestly writing a TOS and asking your clients to read it is a great way to avoid you throwing down mountains of text every time you get a commission.

Here is my official plan to change the world as we know it:




• I become a paramedic.
• If I encounter patients who cannot be saved, just as they’re about to die, I’ll look them dead (haha) in the eyes and slap ‘em real hard.
• If ghosts are real, this will cause dozens of them to be personally upset with me. I mean, at the very least, they’ll want answers. I’ll be the most haunted person ever.
• This means I’ll have dozens of opportunities to record paranormal phenomenon.
• I’ll get my own show on the Travel Channel called GHOST SLAPPER, through which I’ll eventually get irrefutable scientific evidence that ghosts exist, making me the wealthiest and most respected paranormal researcher of all time.
• On my death bed, one of my interns will slap me real hard, to make sure I come back all pissed off and confused.
• I will be the first ghost to host a ghost hunting show (which is mega cool, come on, admit it).
• Eventually, the secret goes global, and everyone starts slapping their loved ones real hard as they die, because they believe it’s the best way for their spirit to remain here on Earth with them.
• After enough time, death slaps become commonplace. People have DNS (do not slap) instructions in their wills instead of or along with DNR (do not resuscitate) ones.
• HOWEVER, because everyone expects the death slaps, they no longer have the desired effect. Getting slapped is just a natural part of dying, now, but it accomplishes nothing.
• Like with all cultural junk, the origin eventually slips away, and the knowledge of WHY we slap the dying is esoteric at best.
• I, however, remember, and haunt hospitals for centuries, laughing because everybody’s gettin’ slapped.
• Thank you for your time.

What the fuck man

Excuse me, do you have a better idea?



The Emoji Movie got a confirmed animated series and I left a dislike on the trailer video and later that night Gene (a character in the movie) broke the wall while t-posing with the default facial expression and shot me in my bedroom.

It’s funny how people in the notes are saying “gotta remember that damn blog name” but this reads like the usual tumblrdotcom shitpost. I wouldn’t bat an eye if I saw this on my dash even if I didn’t see the name




it’s almost 10 years since bad apple was uploaded



Any Console: *doesn’t have a port of skyrim*

Todd Howard:

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thank you so much german translation skdhfbdgjklhsjvh

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I didn’t know beretta made a .357 sig that shit the entire cartridge.

Crap like this cracks me up, I especially love it when they do it in an anti-2nd Amendment ad proving they have no idea what they are talking about.

☝️dumbasses lol

60% more bullet per bullet

these people have no life

@huntrad I couldn’t agree more. Can you imagine being so stupid as to show a gun shooting a whole bullet. Sort of like calling Trump a nazi when everyone knows that modern day Democrats are an almost exact imitation of Hitler’s policy pushers.

1.) i think @huntrad was referring to the people freaking out over the artist drawing an entire bullet

2.) that’s wrong

3.) it’s a fucking comic made by some tumblr artist, who drew the entire bullet so he could fit the writing on them

4.) you’re dumb

@b0hannon 1.) Dont care if that was his point. I made my point as to the ignorance of “artist” and the liberal thots 2.) You are correct. The whole ideology is wrong. How can democrats justify their support of Hitler’s policies? 3.) The artist could have drawn the projectile larger rather than ignorantly using the whole bullet. 4.) I’d agree. You’re dumb.

This website was a mistake.

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Shit like this is what i assume having a stroke tastes like….



i like this one because it takes no issue with the style itself, just that a girl character has short hair, a unibrow, and no cleavage (all marks of lazy design), and seeks to fix these scary and uncomfortable features calarts has forced on the animation industry. heres a brave man from a simpler time

Are cows NOT domesticated farm animals in “Steven Universe?”



In “Full Disclosure,” we see Steven swipe through the photos on his phone, and there’s this one of Steven and Connie at a restaurant. 

Notice the painting and the stuffed cow head. Stuffing and mounting an animal’s head is usually what you do with an animal that you’ve hunted and killed, not with domesticated farm animals that are slaughtered for their meat. 

And that painting is based on a real painting of Theodore Roosevelt, who was (among many other things) a big game hunter. 

And then there’s this line from Garnet in “Too Far:”

Are cows a wild animal that people hunt for sport in this universe?

You: White Diamond

Me, an intellectual: Steven Universe cow lore






so when a Black kid gets kidnapped and gets tortured by a group of White people it doesn’t make the news but if a White kid were to get kidnapped…it would make the national news.

13 y/o Zavion Parker was kidnapped and tortured on his way home from school in East Houston by a group of White supremacists (5 teens and 1 adult all with red hair and the adult having a tattoo the confederate flag and another tattoo saying “I hate black people”.) Zavion said when they kidnapped they took him to a shack/cabin with guns and torture items and where he sees other Black people who aren’t moving. Zavion asked why he was kidnapped, the group of White supremacists said “because you’re Black”. As the White supremacists move to the next room to load a gun, Zavion makes his escape. Zavion was found with a torn shirt and no shoes by Camecia Carmouche. Police went to Zavion’s home to follow up the lead. He, his mom, and Camecia lead the officers to the cabin/shack. According to the police they found a wooden chair, shell castings and weapons.

As of now the White supremacists haven’t been caught.

Let’s all make #ZavionPark trend today. 🗣We can’t let this go. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

“Other Black people who aren’t moving” Jesus fucking Christ

Oh.. my god…



date someone who will sit down & say “let’s fix this” instead of being a child and ignoring you

But also make sure you respect your partners need for space, don’t force your presence on them in the name of “fixing” things. Sometimes people just need time



people who think classic kirby isn’t as cute as modern kirby do not interact

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I keep seeing tweets about how lesbians like Thor & I just imagined what if this also happens inside the mcu (x)









“i am a monument to all your sins” is such a fucking raw line for a villain it’s amazing that it came from halo, a modernish video game, and not some classical text or mythos

classic texts have nothing on the crazy people come up with in modern times tbh

“I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.”

– Joshua Graham, Who Is A Fallout New Vegas NPC, Something Most People Throwing This Quote Around Don’t Realize

“If the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight like I always have.”

– Shadow the Hedgehog in what is widely considered one of if not the single worst game in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise

this is the source for this text and it haunts me on a regular basis


“Pick a god and pray.”

-Fredrick from Fire Emblem Awakening



I’ve just been informed about the Hand of St. Teresa

aka the Catholic Infinity Gauntlet



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