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I didn’t know beretta made a .357 sig that shit the entire cartridge.

Crap like this cracks me up, I especially love it when they do it in an anti-2nd Amendment ad proving they have no idea what they are talking about.

☝️dumbasses lol

60% more bullet per bullet

these people have no life

@huntrad I couldn’t agree more. Can you imagine being so stupid as to show a gun shooting a whole bullet. Sort of like calling Trump a nazi when everyone knows that modern day Democrats are an almost exact imitation of Hitler’s policy pushers.

1.) i think @huntrad was referring to the people freaking out over the artist drawing an entire bullet

2.) that’s wrong

3.) it’s a fucking comic made by some tumblr artist, who drew the entire bullet so he could fit the writing on them

4.) you’re dumb

@b0hannon 1.) Dont care if that was his point. I made my point as to the ignorance of “artist” and the liberal thots 2.) You are correct. The whole ideology is wrong. How can democrats justify their support of Hitler’s policies? 3.) The artist could have drawn the projectile larger rather than ignorantly using the whole bullet. 4.) I’d agree. You’re dumb.

This website was a mistake.

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